¿Qué es la Esencia? - Aprendiendo a escuchar tu Interior (2024)


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Una vez leí en algún maravilloso libro, que si un día de golpe nos fuese dado conocer nuestra verdadera esencia no soportaríamos el impacto ni entenderíamos nada.

Tal es la belleza que en verdad somos y tal es la fealdad que nos creemos ser que el contraste nos haría huir de vuelta corriendo despavoridos a la fealdad que nos creemos. En la que nos reconocemos y nos sentimos seguros….después de tanto tiempo en ella.

Por eso el despertar del sueño, el recordar que somos, ha de ser un proceso tranquilo y progresivo. No traumático. Sin sustos ni sobresaltos

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In, the depths of our being resides in our essence, an innate force that transcends the limits of the physical.

It is a deeper and older intelligence than that that governs our morphological development, our tastes, our character or our aptitudes is something that goes beyond of our dna, our education or our character.

Some cultures call it conscience, other cultures, call it soul and I like to call it essence.

It is the part of the whole that lives in each one of us and connects us to the universe and its principles.

Our essence is also the source which nourishes our internal compass and constitutes the main guide that should guide our steps in life.

Our essence is also what makes us brothers and dictates our destiny.

Each person is body is mind and has a unique and unrepeatable character, but each person is also essence.

This last part is nothing more than a silent witness.

It is the part of the great consciousness that lies within us and whose greatest desire is to be able to manifest itself in all its splendor during its physical existence.

Our essence is the part of ourselves that makes us all brothers, because this is part of the same whole, whose infinite wisdom lies at the bottom of our being, but at the same time.


Our essence is also that which makes us different, unique and unrepeatable, because that is where the mission that each one of us comes to fulfill in this world lies a mission of our own, that each one must find and experience in the game of life through their own circ*mstances, environment and physical possibilities.

In fact, life is nothing more than a great game, a great theater made to play and provide us with the most varied experiences.

Our body is nothing more than a means for our essence to experience this game and physical reality.

It is nothing more than a large and immense set in which to play.

So, let's play, but don't worry so much about the external, that is, in the middle or through the decoration, our path and our interests should start from our essence and go towards it when manifesting in the physical world.

Never the other way around.

Our essence is the source that nourishes our internal compass and the main guide that should guide our steps in the life.

The part of us that never changes our body may change over the years, as well as our personal circ*mstances or the way we react or behave in the face of life events.

What does not change is our essence, the part immutable and eternal of being when I discuss with someone about this issue.

I always give the same argument.

What the person is is does not change or will never change.

However, if we decide to change the fact of manifesting something latent that did not manifest before, then the person does change, but that new that now manifests has always been there and always comes from the infinite potential that lies in the depths of each se, r, because we no longer listen to it.

Our essence continuously sends us information, signals and claims in different ways that start from the depths of ourselves and that if we follow them, allow us to quickly and directly reach our own self-realization.

This internal compass is a An alarm that never stops ringing, but its messages before reaching the surface and being able to be heard by our conscious mind, have to go through several layers.

That is the main reason why it is so difficult for us to listen to them, and their flow of information is frequently encrypted.

Well, transmitted by subtle communication channels that many times we do not even take into consideration, because nowadays, academic education is not taught to ignore these signals and builds barriers that prevent us from listening to them.

To start, the scientific model has taught us to take into account only that which is rational, logical, objective, quantifiable or demonstrable conse.

We have been trained to discard everything that cannot be analyzed from this frame of reference.

In this way, we have learned to systematically ignore our intuitions, perceptions and deepest beliefs, because they do not usually have any rational or quantifiable logic.

On the other hand, we also receive an education that part of the bosom of our family, an occasion whose impact is not always positive, no matter how much our relatives have tried to give us the best of logically as human beings who are our parents, also make certain mistakes and end up transmitting, not their personal limitations.

In addition to the influences that Their own society has instilled in them, and that the prevailing social model is not instilled and taught, they are not educated to be competitive and to look after our own and only interest.

We are there extra to have as a reference to economic motivations and the need to survive at all costs at the expense to trample on the neighbor if necessary.

Incul There is the need to live perpetrating a closed model aimed at training, ourselves, working and paying taxes to later get married, have children, buy a house and continue working and paying until death, and ultimately, programs us to repeat a predetermined flight designed for the survival of the model itself.

instead of the happiness and self-realization of the people who support it.

All of this makes us end up integrating or generating processes and mental limitations that prevent us from listening to our true essence, for example, the development of fear, the weapon that society uses to control us from a young age.

They teach us to live in fear, a virus that blocks us, cancels us and prevents us from following our tendencies and desires in favor of what is socially accepted or the tendency towards self-deception.

A mental process that makes us indiscriminately lie to protect ourselves from our own personal limitations, which generates in itself more limitations still so either Through fear, self-deception or other forms.

Our mind always ends up finding something to cling to so as not to carry out our dreams.

The end result is that, when we feel that we must leave the established system to pursue them, we always find an excuse not to do it and continue With our life as always, society programs, us to repeat a predetermined flight thought for the survival of our own social model, instead of the happiness and self-realization of the people who support them in this way, when the messages of our essence have passed through the filter of our education, of our prevailing social model and in our own mental limitations in the form of fear, insecurity or self-deception, these have so little force that we almost never bother to listen to them and much less to obey them and over time we end up definitely losing any ability to connect with that deep and essential part of our being.

Is then what ndo we lose our internal compass and our own references, and when we begin to live a life following the dictates that are imposed from the outside.

While we ignore what is truly important.

What comes from within us is for this reason that so many very unhappy people feel empty and cannot find their way or their way in life.

It is why so many people get so many existential crises that do not know how to manage and overcome so that we do.

Of course the answer is to reconnect again with our essence, but this'll talk in my next videos.

Now me I would like you to speak.

Do you think that we have really lost communication with our essence? You? Are able to listen to your essence and live your life according to its dictates.

Do? You believe that education or society makes us disconnect from ourselves? If you liked this video, click it I like to share it and do not forget to subscribe.

Also leave us your comments.

Alejandro páez is talking to you, I.

Send you a big hug and see you in a next video, see you soon.

¿Qué es la Esencia? - Aprendiendo a escuchar tu Interior (2024)
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