Coleman Weathermaster 10 Person Tent Review (2022) (2024)

Many times when we make camping trips in spectacular places, we would like to share such an experience with loved ones. Therefore, if you think of an adventure, what better way to do it than sleeping all in the same roof or tent? Just like the one we are going to discuss in this Coleman Weathermaster 10 Person Outdoor Tent Reviews.

This is why we have decided to tell you about the Coleman brand camping tent, which is one of the most sold and favorite of families. I will tell you about its advantages, disadvantages and why it is ideal for those adventurous families.

Stay tuned.

About Coleman

Coleman, one of the best camping accessories brands, and how it could be otherwise, designs and manufactures fantastic tents. It should be said that Coleman and camping go hand in hand.

Many aspects stand out in the tens from Coleman, such as the quality of its materials and finishes, as well as their resistance to heavy rain and winds. But what we highlight the most is the balance that must be looked at in a camping tent.

With the quality and manufacturing reputation of Coleman products, its tents will allow you to use it for a long time. You won’t feel the need to purchase others thanks to its robust construction and resistance.

Coleman Weathermaster 10 Person Outdoor Tent Reviews: At A Glance

We all already know the world-famous Coleman brand. They are renowned for the variety of products for camping, hiking or excursion or also for the quality of these. The Weathermaster 10 person outdoor tent does honor this brand as it has a practical design, comfortable, resistant and very easy to assemble.

Having spaces for three queen-sized beds, this tent can accommodate ten people.

As for the hardness, we have that its walls and ceiling are made of polyester 75d. It has materials that are highly resistant and are the majority by which the posts are made today. The floor of all rooms has the advantage of being more resistant than other tents because they are made of PE. Especially for excessive use.

Coleman Weathermaster 10 person outdoor tent has a dimension of 16 x 7 x 6.2 ft.

It has high-quality mosquito nets to avoid annoying insects inside the store; it also has various multipurpose pockets that are always quite comfortable. We can carry many small objects, be they cell phones or razors.

It has excellent ventilation inside thanks to its design both on the windows and on its door. It is highly waterproof. Thanks to the fact that the floor has a bathtub design both in the rooms and in the center. We love that it is almost impossible to enter water both on the floor and on the ceiling thanks to its excellent seams.


  • Model: Weathermaster
  • Brand: Coleman
  • Total capacity: 10 people
  • Material: polyester taffeta 75d 450mm PU coating
  • Form factor: dome
  • Dimensions: 17ft x 9ft
  • Height: 6.8ft
  • Weight: 14.06 kg.
  • Set-up style: conventional
  • Installation: 20 min
  • Sealed seams
  • Capable of withstanding 35 mph gusts of wind and even hail.
  • Includes carp bag, mesh pockets.
  • Improved airflow.

Advantages of Coleman Weathermaster 10 Person Outdoor Tent

Most of the users have highlighted this tent’s positive aspects: both its incredible waterproofness and its ability to prevent condensation inside it. We know they can be somewhat annoying on our camping sites.

  • Uses

This model is ideal for extended summer holiday camping trips. These tents get hundreds of positive comments when it comes to protecting you from the rain and wind.

Also, this tent can choose opaque windows or only with the mosquito net, which is quite a useful advantage.

  • Resistibility

Its ability to withstand high winds is highly appreciated. When set up correctly with all the ropes and guy lines appropriately attached, you get something indestructible. These tents are known to be capable of withstanding 35 mph gusts of wind and even hail.

  • Setup Time

Around 20 minutes seems to be the consensus, along with the fact two adults makes the job a lot easier. One thing to consider is this is a big tent with a lot of headroom 6′ 8″. At some point, you will have to get the fly over the top, so you will need to be pretty tall or stand on something.

Simple to set up, just follow the directions included. Color-coded poles also make the process easier.

  • Flysheet And Footprint

A 75-denier polyester taffeta fly covers the whole tent, offering added protection when raining. The sleeping area is protected with a welded 1,000-denier polyethylene floor. A footprint is not needed or included. The porch area on the six-person Weathermaster model does not come with a groundsheet.

  • Doors, Dividers And Ventilation

One hinged door is standard on all of them, along with a second zippered door. A room divider is included, allowing you to create multiple rooms. Angled windows can be left open even when it is raining for better ventilation. You can remove the flysheet and stargaze through the inner mesh roof on hot summer nights, also improving airflow.

  • Warranty And Spare Parts

All Coleman tents come with a 1-year limited warranty. Simply phone Coleman, and they will walk you through the return process. Spare parts can be found on the manufactures website.

In summary-

  • Easy to assemble.
  • Perfect for four seasons.
  • Ten people.
  • High resistance to water.
  • Great space for the central room.

Disadvantages of Coleman Weathermaster 10 Person Outdoor Tent

In disadvantage, there is not much to say since it is a reasonably complete store. The only negative aspects are that it is somewhat tricky to place the rods. They tend to bend a lot. Of course, we understand that it is somewhat heavy with 14.06 kg. It is not very comfortable to carry if you are going on an excursion or a hiking trip.

Coleman Weathermaster 10 Person Outdoor Tent: Customer Satisfaction

With more than 1000 reviews combined, one can be sure that the overall ratings they have received are pretty accurate.

  • Positive Reviews

The general theme that you get immediately is roomy, lots of space and robust. Many people appreciate the hinged door and the fact that the model has an additional screened area. The ability to create separate rooms keeps popping up.

  • Negative Reviews

Heavy. Even on reviews with perfect ratings, this character pops up, not a tent to be lugging around any distance. A few people complain of very minor leaks, which are far outnumbered by those who praise it for been 100% waterproof.

What is included?

Except for four D-cell batteries, need for the elite version’s lighting system, this one is ready to use straight out of the box. Nothing extra is needed. You may want to consider getting some more substantial stakes. The ones included are often mentioned as not strong enough. Even though a footprint is not needed, a few extra dollars can considerably extend your tent’s life.

Price and Value for Money!

Coleman’s history of creating quality products at an affordable price is undisputable. What we like a lot about the Weathermaster 10 person model is the length of time it has been around. Eleven plus years is a long time for a tent to prove or disprove itself.

The current price is very affordable, and the tent is worth the price.

Why Buy Weathermaster 10 Person?

This tent has a fairly high and recognized quality seal. Not only for its brand but also because of its design, this tent is becoming very popular with campers around the world. Campers can’t get enough of it due to its comfort and simplicity when assembling and disassembling.

It is excellent for families since it provides an ideal space for everyone and still provides privacy for everyone, even couples. Besides, it includes a reasonably large central space either for tables and chairs or simply to store all camping equipment.

Final Thoughts

We are at the end of Coleman Weathermaster 10 Person Outdoor Tent reviews. It is rare to find tents that are comfortable to accommodate the advertised number of people. The 10-person tent measures 17ft/9 ft. It is pretty easy to calculate that each person could have 19 inches of space by 9 ft based on ten people sleeping in the tent. If you are camping in the summer and can be reasonably sure of dry weather, you can use the porch area as a third room.

We hope you are fully convinced of our discussion and satisfied with the facts. If yes, then what are you waiting for. Just get out there and

Max Wood

Max, a passionate lumberjack and outdoors enthusiast, loves fishing, camping, and hunting. He has extensive experience in the great outdoors and is eager to join Outdoor Fun Mag to share his adventures and knowledge. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting out, Max promises to bring laughter, learning, and an unforgettable outdoor experience.

Coleman Weathermaster 10 Person Tent Review (2022) (2024)


Do Coleman tents need to be waterproofed? ›

Do Coleman Tents Need to be Waterproofed? Coleman tents need to be waterproofed if it will be subject to more than 30 minutes to 1 hour of heavy rain. If so, seam sealant is to be applied to at least the inverted flooring seam inside the Coleman tent.

Does Coleman have good tents? ›

There's a reason Coleman tents are one of the most well-known and widely respected brands out there. Their combination of quality and affordability just can't be beaten and makes them the perfect choice for first-time campers and veteran outdoorsmen alike.

Which is better OZtrail or Coleman? ›

In terms of the OZtrail vs Coleman tent, there's really not much of a difference, and it just comes down to personal choice. However, if you're looking for a good inexpensive alternative to the Coleman pop up tents, the entry level OZtrail Fast Frame series is a great option to consider.

What tents do the army use? ›

The TCOP is a unique Eureka! designed tent produced for the U.S. Military. This individual shelter incorporates all of the important features requested by personnel in the field – dry, tough and fast by design.

Do all tents leak in heavy rain? ›

If you have bought a cheap tent, you expect some leaking in heavy rainfall. But when you've bought a high-quality tent and spent good money on it, you're not going to be happy.

Do tents get wet inside when it rains? ›

The same thing can happen in a tent: Warm air inside moves out to the rainfly, which is cooler because the outside air is cooler. The result is condensation on the underside of your rainfly. That water may then saturate your tent fabric or drip through a mesh window.

Do Coleman tents last? ›

According to sources, on average, Coleman tents last longer than five years if they have been appropriately maintained, are only used a few times a year, and are used during fair conditions or extreme conditions only occasionally.

Are Ozark tents better than Coleman? ›

And for Coleman tents, they're a little pricier than Ozark Trail tents, but you get better waterproofing, better features, and a better quality tent all around.

Which tents last the longest? ›

Polyester tents

Regular re-waterproofing and an inbuilt UV resistance rating make this a long-life choice for tent material.

Which company tent is best? ›

Our Top Recommendations
  • Coleman Polyester Camping Tent. Buy Now.
  • Egab Picnic Camping Portable Tent. Buy Now.
  • AmazonBasics Dome Camping Tent. Buy Now.
Feb 28, 2023

Are Coleman tents warm? ›

Yes, the tents of this company are made of waterproof materials that will not let moisture through and will keep the internal heat. In addition, Coleman has its own testing lab (WeatherTec™ rating) that checks the suitability of each detail of the shelters for various weather conditions.

Who makes Coleman tents? ›

The Coleman Company, Inc. is an American brand of outdoor recreation products, especially camping gear, now owned by Newell Brands. The company's new headquarters are in Chicago, and it has facilities in Wichita, Kansas, and in Texas.

Is Coleman a good brand for camping? ›

In general, however, we recommend committed campers steer clear of Coleman designs. A step up in price to brands like REI or Kelty above will get you considerably better protection and longevity with upgraded materials (many of Coleman's tent poles are fiberglass rather than aluminum), hardware, and seam sealing.

What is the toughest tent? ›

The North Face 2-Meter Dome Tent

The simply named 2-Meter Dome Tent is designed to survive the harshest conditions on earth, from the Himalayas to Antarctica and everywhere in between. With a classic geodesic shape, it's durable enough to withstand wind speeds up to 70-plus-mph.

What tent do the Marines use? ›

The Combat Tent is a two-man, three-season, free-standing, double wall tent. The Combat Tent incorporates a vapor permeable tent body with a waterproof floor and fly, which also provides 20 sq. ft. of vestibule area for gear storage.

What is the most popular type of tent? ›

1. Dome Tent. The dome tent is the most common design today. It has two flexible tent poles that cross in the center and are anchored to the corners of the tent with stakes, creating a dome shape that makes this tent easily distinguishable from other types.

What tents are used in Antarctica? ›

The tents used in Antarctica are special tents called 'Scott's Polar Tents' which are very durable and keep in the heat. The scientists often share their tent with another person.

Does touching a tent make it leak? ›

Touching the interior of the tent

This is because when one touches the inner walls, the water droplets that gather lose their surface tension which causes them to seep through the tent fabric. Whether intentional or not, this can easily cause a leakage.

Is it OK to put a tent away wet? ›

Putting it away wet is a no go, it will get mould or mildew, the material can rot, and at the very least it will make your tent smell bad. Some of the modern tents these days are enormous too, so drying them out is no mean feat.

Should I waterproof the inside of a tent? ›

Tent waterproofing can be seen as a preventative measure, not just a solution to a problem. Because it's so easy and affordable to spray on a waterproof treatment, you may feel that you should do it each year at the start of a new camping season. That's fine to do, but it's not usually necessary.

What do you put under your tent when it rains? ›

A ground cover, or tent “footprint,” is a surprisingly effective way to keep your tent dry inside. When it rains, put a footprint under your tent. Using a cover under your tent will keep your tent dry and warm and extend the life of your tent since rocky or uneven ground can damage your tent's floor.

Why do tents get wet in the morning? ›

What causes condensation in tents? Air temperature in the tent can become warm and humid from people, heaters, and a lack of ventilation. When the warm air inside the tent hits the relatively cool fabric of the tent, the moisture condenses into liquid form.

How can you tell if a tent is good quality? ›

There are many tell-tale signs of a quality tent, and so here are a few suggested things to look out for.
  1. Easy Setup and Take Down. ...
  2. Ventilation. ...
  3. Durable Zippers. ...
  4. Good Flooring. ...
  5. Materials.

Are Coleman tents blackout? ›

Coleman family tents will often feature their innovative blackout bedroom technology that helps to keep you asleep past sunrise by keeping the bedroom pods dark.

Are Coleman tents fire resistant? ›

The tent's outer fabric is fire retardant and for extra security, the zipper stoppers on the tent doors ensure that zips are always within easy reach in the event of an emergency, even for children.

What is the most stable tent shape? ›

Geodesic or Semi-Geodesic Tents

The overlapping tent construction creates a very stable structure. They are almost always freestanding. Geodesic tents are also usually a round shape as this allows rain, wind, and snow to go over the tent.

What is the most efficient tent shape? ›

So what is the most efficient shape for a tent? It's a dome tent because a floorless dome is just half of a sphere. A dome has half the volume of a sphere and also half the surface area (if we are not including the base since the floor could occupy any portion of that dome).

Are Coleman tents nylon or polyester? ›

Coleman tents are usually made from polyester, not nylon. As a general rule, most Coleman tents have tent bodies made from 68D polyester, while the rainfly is usually made of a slightly thicker polyester, which is 75D polyester.

Do I need to waterproof my tent every year? ›

We recommend keeping your tent's waterproofing up-to-date to prolong the life of the tent. Depending on usage, you should only have to reapply waterproofing every 1–3 years. So give your tent some extra love in the off-season!

Which tent fabric is the most waterproof? ›

Which Tent Fabric is the Most Waterproof? DCF is likely considered the most waterproof tent material, followed by polyester, cotton canvas, and then nylon. DCF doesn't require any waterproof coating, whereas polyester and nylon both do.

What should I pay for a decent tent? ›

Tent TypePrice Range
Car Camping$35-$200
Long-Term (Canvas)$200-$1500+

Who makes tents for the army? ›

Eureka! has a history of developing modern, innovative shelters that have become standards in all branches of the military. A government supplier in every major conflict since World War I, we deliver the solutions that meet the ever-evolving mission requirements of our warriors around the world.

Are darker tents hotter? ›

While anything darker than white — be it a pink or a light blue — is going to be slightly warmer, any light-colored profile will be significantly cooler than a blackout canopy. Bright-colored tents are always cooler than dark-colored tents.

Do tents get hot at night? ›

The “greenhouse effect” means tents trap warm air during the day. The sun can pass through your tent fabric and heat up the air inside, but the warm air can't get out again. As a result, your tent gets warmer and warmer throughout the day, retaining that heat long into the night.

How to choose Coleman tent? ›

When choosing the size of tent there are a few things to consider:
  1. The number of people that will be sleeping in the tent and the amount of sleeping space each person desires.
  2. The amount of gear you will be storing in your tent.
  3. The length of your camping trip and how much time you will be spending in your tent.

How many people can fit in a 10 person tent? ›

10 Person Tents

Fitting 4-6 people and their gear, a 10-person tent can be quite comfortable.

Is Coleman the best tent brand? ›

Coleman doesn't make the flashiest, most sophisticated, or highest performance tents on the market, but few (if any) brands can beat their combination of value, quality, and customer support at this price point.

Are Coleman tents good in rain? ›

Most Coleman tents are water-resistant, and not completely waterproof. Coleman's patented Weather Tec system has a few features, such as the tub floors, corner welds, and inverted seams, which effectively shields against light to moderate rain, but not heavy rain.

Is my Coleman tent waterproof? ›

So no, a Coleman tent won't hold up as well in heavy rain as it's not designed to. The cheaper the tent, the more likelihood there is of it having a lower waterproof rating and you getting wet.

How many beds fit in a 10 person tent? ›

This tent features 137 square feet of living space that can be split into 3 separate rooms for privacy or used as one large community living area. The tent comfortably sleeps 10 people in sleeping bags or fits 3 queen size air beds.

Is a 10 person tent too big? ›

Ten-Person Tent

Six adults and gear can also fit pretty comfortably, but anymore and you might feel like a pack of sardines. The floor area for this size is a massive 150 to 180 square feet. If you are going to a campground, be sure they offer campsites that can accommodate this size tent.

How much weight do you need to hold down a 10x10 tent? ›

So, how much weight to hold down a 10x10 canopy? At least 200 pounds is needed to properly anchor a tent of that size to concrete and other hard surfaces.

How much weight do I need to hold my tent down? ›

Sufficiently weighted canopies will have at least 24 pounds per leg. One canopy manufacturer recommends at least 40 pounds on each corner of a 10x10 tent; double that on a 10x20 tent. 50 pounds should be used for umbrellas.

How many square feet is a 10 by 30 tent? ›

10 ft x 30 ft Frame tents provide 300 square feet of floor space.

What shape of tent is most popular? ›

The dome tent is the most common type of tent. It is easily distinguishable by its design. It comes with two poles, crisscrossed at a point forming two semi-circles running across the tent body. This is what gives the tent its dome shape.

What are the most popular tent sizes? ›

Any events organizer, promotor, or tent rental company expert will know that there's no real 'standard' when it comes to tent lengths. While 30' and 40' wide systems are the most popular, end-customers often expand their tents to unique lengths to suit the needs of their events.

How many people can fit under a 10x10 pop up tent? ›

With 100 square feet of space, as many as 15 people can fit under a 10x10 canopy tent with no furniture underneath it. If you add a table and chairs, that number drops to about 8 people.

Is it better to have bigger tent? ›

Tent footprint should be just large enough for the number of people sleeping in it, with maybe a little extra room to allow for easy exits for those 3 AM bathroom runs. Having extra space inside your tent to store gear safely is great in the summer time, but creates much more air space to be heated.

Should I get a bigger tent than I need? ›

Rule of thumb: If you're car camping, buy a giant tent. Bigger than you need. Be obnoxious. You'll appreciate the extra space to roll around in, and you'll have plenty of room for dogs and kids.


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